Every client is special for us. We listen to them, analyse their needs and concerns and use state-of-the-art language technologies in order to provide solutions tailored to specific needs.



We work into over 60 languages and 300 linguistic combinations.

We use cutting-edge translation technologies and apply strict quality control processes for an optimal and natural result, meeting our clients’ deadlines and conditions, while guaranteeing confidentiality of all the material received.

Our team is made up of native professionals living in the target markets, carefully recruited following a strict selection process which guarantees both linguistic knowledge as well as mastery of the subject matter and characteristic terminology of the specialisation area.

At Iter Translation we offer our clients the following translation services:

General translation

Technical translation

Legal and financial translation

Medical-scientific translation

Sworn translation

Commercial and marketing translation

Web, Multimedia and Software Localisation

Localisation or L10n is adapting a product to the country in which it will be commercialised. To achieve that, apart from translation, there are other cultural, functional and technical factors that must be considered to allow the complete integration of the product into a specific market.

At Iter Translation we know how important this adaptation process is so that a product works in a foreign market. That’s why we advise our clients to help them remove cultural, technological and functional barriers. The goal is the complete adaptation of websites, computer apps or e-commerce to the desired target markets.

Linguistic Consulting

We listen to our clients and understand their objectives in order to identify linguistic needs and provide solutions.

We analyse business goals at an international level, evaluate existing language assets, identify needs and draw up a linguistic action plan tailored to the internationalisation process of our clients to allow them to launch products in other markets, reinforce their digital presence or their brand.


We provide quality transcription services to convert any audio or video material into a written text, regardless of the original language. We make monolingual or translated transcriptions, since we work with qualified native specialists, trained to distinguish different voices, dialects and accents. We offer a fast and quality service to transcribe recordings, interviews, conferences, speeches, testimonies or any other audio material that you might need in text form.

Editing and Reviewing

At Iter Translation we help you to ensure that your texts are the highest possible quality. If you’ve written texts in-house, our revision service checks them professionally for spelling, grammar and typographical corrections. With bilingual texts, the source and target texts are compared, and the necessary adjustments are made to the translation so that the information contained in the original text is accurately conveyed. Our edition team is responsible for adapting the text to the target context or public. The objective is to embellish a text without changing it, allowing for a fluent, simple and natural read.

Desktop Publishing

DTP means adjusting the design of a file or document. At Iter Translation we offer professional desktop publishing services to guarantee our translations keep the same formatting as the original text. Otherwise, the final product, in spite of having been translated correctly, may look unprofessional. Our DTP specialists work with the most popular DTP tools for both MAC and PC.

Linguistic Outsourcing

As part of our close collaboration with our clients, we provide linguistic outsourcing services in which a member of our team travels to the client’s offices to physically work from there or from the location the client requires. This service is interesting for projects that include sensitive or highly confidential material which cannot or should not leave the premises.

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